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By ECVBA, 04/18/18, 10:45PM PDT



·         Here is the link to the tournament website and information. Please refer to this site for general rules & regulations.




·         Las Vegas Convention Center

·         3150 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV 98109

·         Customer Service (877)847-4858



·         Team Pools are listed on AES website


·         Mobile APP:  AES Xpress

·         More info here:

·         We play at least 7 matches and more will be determined by results/playoffs.


DAY 1 – AM & PM Pools

·         AM (8:00AM – 3:00PM)

o    14JOE (JNQ 2)

o    16NOAH (JNQ 1)

·         PM (3:00PM – 10:00PM)

o    12RYAN (JNQ 2)

o    15CASSIE (JNQ 1)

o    17RON (JNQ 1)


DAY 2 & 3 POOLS –  Will be determined from results of pool play.  Coaches will inform players/parents of time and court or use AES site or AES Xpress.  Please make sure to check your team text group, message group or email.


*DAY 3 Play are playoffs and can play up to 3 matches.  Players are expected to stay to the end of tournament play.  Please make your travel arrangements after team is completed.



·         Parents and players are responsible for their own transportation & lodging.

·         Please include parking, traffic, taxi, Uber or monorail wait time and delays when arriving to tournament for assigned time.

·         3-Day Monorail Pass $22:



·         Team/Group gatherings are optional during this tournament.  It may be difficult to find venues that can accommodate full teams with families/friend without long wait times or delayed/late night services.

·         It’s important our players are well rested and prepared for next day’s tournament play.

·         Please plan accordingly.



·         Player ID

·         ALL GEAR: Uniforms, Knee-pads, Socks, Shoes, Backpacks…etc…etc…etc…

·         Players can not participate without proper team uniforms.



·         Coaches, players and parents are expected to represent our club and community at this event.

·         Player or Parents are not allowed to approach officials during or after matches regarding their calls.  Our team/club can be penalized for misconduct violations.

·         Parents/Players please support our teams with positive cheers and encouragement only.

·         Negative comments of coaches, players, officials and other teams will not be tolerated.

·         No sideline coaching.

·         Do not approach our coaching staff at the tournament site or following a match with your issues or concerns.  If your issues needs to be addressed before the next day of play, please text or email your coach after the day’s pool play have concluded and team have left the site.  Any other issues, please send an email to the coach after the complete tournament have concluded.



·  Our goal is to have all our teams compete in this competitive national qualifier and represent our club and community.  All have worked hard, dedicated time and finances to be at this tournament to give our players an opportunity for this experience.  Please make sure players and parents are there to contribute to the team’s success and support this experience for everyone. 

· Player’s rest and nutrition is important for these tournaments.  All day/night sightseeing/walking, swimming, or activities which can cause injury to our players are highly discouraged.

· Ice-baths are highly recommended after each day of tournament play.

· Coaches will do their best to put teams in the best competitive position while allowing everyone to contribute to the team’s success.  (Day 1 goal is to finish 1st or 2nd and Day 2 goal is to finish 1st.)