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By ECVBA 06/09/2020, 8:00am PDT

ECVBA will RE-OPEN, Thursday, June 11th


*Required Form to be completed by Parents: 
*Form must be completed before returning to practice. (No exceptions)
*Email forms to





All Players & Coaches are required to perform temperature checks with our touch-less thermometers. Anyone with 100 degrees and higher will not be allowed to enter the gym.

All Players & Coaches are required to sanitize their hands prior to entering/exiting our gym.  Medical grade hand sanitizer will be provided at the door and bathrooms are available for hand washing.

All Players will be dropped off in front of the gym and lined-up before entering the gym. All players must exit the gym through the back and picked up from the back-parking lot. No parents or families are allowed in the gym. Players must wear face masks when entering/exiting the gym.





Current guidance allows 12 Players + Coaches on the court.  No gatherings of any kind permitted on the gym common areas.  Players must bring their own water/sports beverage.  No sharing!  Players will have designated areas for their bags and gear.  No physical contact is allowed (Handshakes, High-Fives, Hugs)

Practice balls will be sanitized after each practice and will be sanitized for at least 2 hours before next usage.  All equipment used and common area items will be sprayed, wiped and disinfected with medical grade sanitizer.  Drinking fountain, Vending Machines & Refrigerators will be closed off. All unnecessary equipment & furniture will be removed or taped off from usage. Doors and gates will be left open for ventilation.


*Practice Schedules will be the same days/times prior to the season being postponed.
*ECVBA Calendar Link:
*Practices will start Thursday, June 11th unless notified by your coach.
*Practices will end 15-20 minutes early for gym to be sanitized before the next group enters the gym.
*We understand some players and their families are not able to return due to health & safety concerns.  *If you are not returning to play, please inform your coach or email

2020 SCVA Season Update

By SCVA 04/29/2020, 1:00pm PDT

Friday, April 29th

To All Club Directors, Parents, Families, and Members of SCVA:

The challenges we face today and in the near future are unlike anything we’ve ever seen, or could have ever even imagined. We’d like to first thank all of our SCVA family members who are also first responders, doctors, hospital employees, delivery drivers, grocery workers, and various other civil servants. You’re true heroes and our communities’ rocks in these confusing and uncertain times.

While the COVID-19 pandemic reshapes our lives on a seemingly daily basis, the SCVA isn’t any different. We’re constantly evolving and striving, in myriad ways, to provide as much continued activity and support for our athletes and families as possible. Thank you for the encouragement, positivity, patience, and understanding during this extremely fluid phenomenon. As you know by now, the novel coronavirus forces us to respond to new information, rather than predict, making some questions difficult or even impossible to answer at the moment. However, one thing we can promise, is that we will always respond. We will never stop finding ways for SCVA members to enjoy the game that they love, safely.

We’ve received a number of questions from families regarding club fees and club refunds. While all SCVA clubs are encouraged to operate with the utmost transparency, it must be understood that the structure, management, and operations of each club can vary as they’re all run independently. We encourage you to reach out to your specific club’s leadership team with any questions regarding your independent player contract. But please be patient. Club Directors and staff are dealing with a lot right now. As we all are.

While it’s best to contact your club with most questions, we wanted to answer some of the more frequently asked questions in the meantime. Here’s a few:

 1. Will the SCVA cancel the season?

At this point, cancellation decisions are premature. We are assessing new information daily and working diligently with our vendors and facilities to create multi-scenario plans and responses to the ever-evolving situation. We will take all health and safety recommendations by USA Volleyball and any pertinent government agencies into significant account. No decision will be made lightly. At this time, the SCVA has postponed all SCVA regional events. This could change, but right now, the SCVA is not cancelling.  Unfortunately, the SCVA did have to cancel the Red Rock Raves, and is currently processing refunds.

2. Will there be some form of a refund given back to families by clubs?

It is possible that some form of a refund will come to families from clubs, but every club is built differently and we cannot comment on your club specifically. We encourage you to communicate with your club leadership, if they have not yet proactively communicated with you already. What we can say is that refund distribution, if applicable, and the size of the refund, depends on the specific club you play for, not to mention a number of other factors—many of which, do not have clear answers yet. More clarity will emerge with time. Please note that any refunds administered to you by your club are independent of any monthly billing/charges (see next question for more info).

3. Why are clubs still charging/billing monthly amounts?

Please refer to your specific club’s player agreement/contract. The majority of families playing club volleyball have already finalized their payments and paid in full for the 2019-2020 season. As a courtesy, many clubs offer extended payment plans. These are not monthly service charges. These are payment plans for dollars committed to be paid at the start of the club season, much like a purchasing agreement for a smartphone or car. Most, if not all, of these payment plans were put in place to help make club volleyball more accessible. Clubs are within their right to continue charging monthly amounts for extended payment plans while you are also within your right to contact your club about adjusting your payment plan schedule. If you have a genuine need to adjust your current plan as a result of COVID-19, we are confident clubs will be understanding and work with you accordingly. As previously mentioned, it will be a case-by-case scenario, as all clubs and situations are different. Please note that while any and all refunds are independent of monthly billing, most clubs are likely or willing to apply credit toward future payments/billing. In the rare case of an overage charge, actual monies should be refunded to families.

4. Will there be some form of a refund given back to clubs by the SCVA?

At this time, the SCVA has not officially cancelled any of our events so there are no refunds to be given. It’s still too early to cancel any regional (Mandatories, SoCal Champs) or inter-regional events (West Coast Classic, Summer Soiree) outright. Any and all event refunds to clubs will be issued on a prorated basis once all SCVA unrecoverable out-of-pocket expenditures for the cancelled or interrupted events have been settled. What does that mean? In layman’s terms, if there are mandated cancelations and clubs are refunded, the truth is, it won’t be for the full amount. To be transparent, the SCVA incurs more costs for inter-regional tournaments than regional ones.

Registration fees are non-refundable as the SCVA has submitted all fees to USA Volleyball for the 2019-2020 season. All registered members are members for the entire season during which USA Volleyball offers insurance coverage for all sanctioned events; including but not limited to tryouts, practices, and tournaments.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work together through the coronavirus pandemic. While it’s been confusing, challenging, difficult, shocking, and downright depressing, it’s also been inspiring and encouraging. We’ve seen people from all over the volleyball community come together and support each other in unprecedented ways. We are wounded, no doubt. But the wounds will heal, and we’ll be back on the court someday soon. The only real difference will be that we’re a little stronger, and a lot more together.

We look forward to building a better volleyball future in Southern California with you!


ECVBA Update

By ECVBA 03/27/2020, 7:00am PDT

Hello ECVBA Families!

Hope everyone and their families are staying safe and healthy during this time.  Right now, our primary concern is the welfare of our volleyball club members, families and coaches.  As of today, all our ECVBA staff and families are safe and healthy.

We continue to follow the CDC, Local Government, USAV and SCVA guidance during this health crisis to protect our families and communities.


If any ECVBA families need help with necessities, please let us know.  We can help!


Our season will continue to be postponed as directed by USAV and SCVA.  They have not cancelled any tournaments and plan to reschedule them when permitted.  We are not allowed to conduct training at our facility at this time.  When an official date is given, we will let everyone know.

SCVA (Notified 3/26/2020)

  • Regional tournaments in April are postponed and Reschedule Dates (TBD)
  • Red Rock Rave 1 (16s/17s/18s): Rescheduled May 30th – June 1st
  • Red Rock Rave 2 (14s/15s): Rescheduled June 5th – 7th
  • Girls 18s Junior National (Reno, NV): Rescheduled June 23rd – 25th

SCVA Info Link:

VOLLEY-FEST (Local Tournaments)

All tournaments are postponed until they can start up again.  They intend to run the Volley-Fest tournaments in its entirety and will extend the season into June.



We understand with schools closed, “stay at home” requirements and social distancing, it is a tough time for our players and their families.  Our ECVBA coaches are helping by giving their players workouts, individual skills, game video, trivia and fun games to continue to bond with their teammates and learn the game.  We have teams doing virtual yoga, chats, challenges and discussions.  If you would like any additional workout plans, skills or virtual training, please contact your coach.

If you need any balls, weights, or training equipment to use at home, you can borrow it from the club.  Please contact Joe Do,



The season fee covers all the upfront and monthly expenses for the season (Facility, Equipment, Supplies, Operations, Registration, Uniforms, Tournament Fees, Coaches, Travel, Administration, etc…etc…etc…). 

Monthly payments are offered to players/parents who prefer to pay their season fees monthly.  Monthly payments are spread out evenly for your convenience and does not represent the cost or expense for that month.


Refunds are typically made when a program is cancelled before it is started, or registration is cancelled prior to player’s participation in the program.  We are currently in mid-season and our program is not cancelled. We plan to continue training once it is permitted.

Credits towards ECVBA training are typically made to players who suffer a season ending injury or medical condition at the sole discretion of ECVBA.  We can’t determine a credit at this time until we know when we can continue and when the season will end.


We understand the financial impact this crisis is causing everyone.  We hope everyone can work through this challenging time.  We ask if can pay your PAST DUE BALANCES/APRIL DUES, please do so.  It would help us during our challenging time to keep operations going and ready for us to continue the season.  If you can’t make your APRIL DUES, we understand and can work with you.

We apologize for all the inconveniences and changes this season.  We appreciate your understanding and patience as we continue to adjust our plans for this season.  We will continue to monitor the situation and relay the information as soon as we get it.

Please keep safe and healthy and thank you for your support!


Qualifier 1 Saturday, December 14th
Qualifier 2 Sunday, January 26th
Qualifier 3 Saturday, February 8th
Mandatory 1 Sunday, March 8th
Mandatory 2 Sunday, April 19th
Mandatory 3 Saturday, May 9th
So Cal Cahmpionship Day 1 Saturday, June 6th
So Cal Cahmpionship Day 2 Sunday, June 7th